Hiring: User Experience (UX) Designer

We are working on new Tweepi features and a new Twitter/Facebook marketing platform. We are currently hiring a UX designer and a great Frontend PHP/JS developer. This post is for the UX designer position.

Position information

We are looking for a brilliant UX (User Experience) designer who can justify all design choices from a user-centric perspective and their psychology.

Position type

Contract for the new project we are working on. Off-site / anywhere you can work from. Then retainer/part-time/full-time depending on work quality and punctuality in respecting deadlines. We have renovation plans for Tweepi.com to follow.

Job/Candidate Requirements

  • UX design experience. Portfolio required.
  • Ability to communicate messages in question with simplicity from icons to component presentation on pages. We like to think of any new project as a platform that needs a new user to go through a learning curve and the designer’s job is to help us make it as easy as possible.
  • Design choices must convey trust and high-quality. As everything we build is done with such criteria in mind from A-Z.
  • Experience in landing page design.
  • Good understanding of what choices are technically optimal, performance-wise. Our developers will help of course.
  • Familiar with A/B testing. We will be doing landing page testing, as well as registration flow and other feature usage trends and always attempt to maximize user conversions and usability.
  • Familiar with basic CSS and Javascript. We currently use Twitter’s Bootstrap, so designs created need to be aware of how this library works to simplify the work flow between you as the designer and our developers who will convert the designs to “live” code.

Job Description

  • All above mentioned bullet points are part of the work to expect.
  • Research how others provide the best experience for specific scenarios to back design decisions. For example, X’s landing page has proven to have great conversions, that would help back why a certain landing page design and layout was chosen.
  • Produce wireframes before actual design to streamline decision making.
  • Work to expect: Landing page design, signup process (trial and paid) design, informational page design, in-app user work flow design, A/B testing, etc.

How to apply

Email us your cover-letter describing why you are suitable for this job, your portfolio and your CV at jobs@tweepi.com. Skype interview will be scheduled if found suitable. Applications with no cover-letters will be ignored.