Tweepi Premium Features (Silver and Platinum)

We are excited to announce the launch of Tweepi Premium Silver and Platinum packages!

Premium features include, and are not limited to:

Up to 200 users per page. Silver upto 100, and Platinum upto an outstanding 200 per page

No more 20 and 40 tweeps per page. Tweepi Premium accounts can display up to 200 users per page. That's 10x the productivity.

Up to 200 users per page.
Sort all. Premium Silver and Platinum

Managing your account with Tweepi's Flush, Reciprocate and Cleanup can sort all your followers and friends even if your account has a 1,000,000 followers. Try sorting them by number of followers to get a list of all famous tweeps first.

Sort all.
Filter all. Premium Silver and Platinum

Tweepi's Flush, Reciprocate and Cleanup can be filtered by several criteria. That will filter the entire list, not just the current page. Try filtering all users with the 'Verified?' column to discover which celebrities are following you.

Filter all.
Access to shortcut tools. Premium Silver and Platinum

We are starting with a few shortcut tools to make managing your Twitter account easier and faster than ever before. Try them out from your dashboard.

Access to shortcut tools.
Follow/Unfollow History Column. Premium Platinum

Tweepi now records your follow & unfollow actions you perform from within Tweepi. Premium users can use this data to make decisions based on when a user was last followed/unfollowed. Try Flush on all users that you followed more than 10 days ago but never followed you back.

Follow/Unfollow History Column.
No more adverts Premium Silver and Platinum

Enjoy Tweepi without advertising with Tweepi's Premium accounts.

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